Minutes and agendas available for public view. Please note the latest meeting minutes will be approved at the next monthly parish council meeting.  Following the Covid restrictions being lifted from 19th July 2021 all Parish Council meetings will resume in person.


You are hereby requested to attend the monthly Meeting of Old Newton with Dagworth and Gipping Parish Council which will be held on Wednesday 6th July 2022 commencing at 7.30pm.  The meeting will be held at the village hall.  Members of the public and the press are always welcome to attend. 

Karen Hall-Price - Parish Clerk & RFO



  1. Welcome and to Receive any apologies for absence.                                                                    
  2. To receive any declarations of personal/prejudicial interest.                                                      
  3. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 1st June 2022.
  4. Clerks report following previous meeting (to be received as read – Cllr questions)                 
  5. Financial matters & Financial report. 
  • PKF LittleJohn Audit submission
  • June accounts for payment
  1. Correspondence Received / Circulars
  2. District Councillor’s Report (to be received as read – Cllr questions) – Mrs Rachel Eburne / Mr Keith Welham
  3. County Councillor’s Report – (to be received as read – Cllr questions) - Mr Andrew Stringer         
  4. Planning Applications
  • DC/21/03874 | AMENDED DESCRIPTION – Full Planning Application - Erection of 47no. dwellings (100% affordable scheme), together with open space, landscaping, earthworks and drainage. As per Planning Statement Addendum, dated 22nd June 2022. | Moat Meadow Finningham Road Old Newton Suffolk.
  1. Planning Decisions from MSDC
  2. Cemetery - Update
  3. Footpaths – Committee Update and New Development Footpath closure update
  4. SID Data
  5. Locality funding for projector and screen
  6. Queens Platinum Jubilee Benches / Trees Update
  7. Ward Green – Grass mowed / wild flowers – Cllr Stephen Moore.
  8. Councillors matters to be brought to the attention of the Council.                                                     
  9. Public Forum                                                                                                                                     
  10. Additional Matters for inclusion on the agenda for the September 2022 meeting. 
  • Phonebox / Community Library
  1. Date of the next meeting –  Wednesday 7th September 2022.







Karen Hall-Price - Parish Clerk & RFO - Old Newton with Dagworth & Gipping Parish Council

Lynwood, Grove Road, Brockdish, Nr Diss, IP21 4JP

Tel: 01379 668798 / 07812105228

Email: parish.clerk@oldnewtonpc.co.uk


Cllr Vacancy - Old Newton - It is with great pleasure that the Parish Council can announce that Mr Stephen Moore was co-opted onto the Parish Council at the February meeting in the position of Councillor.  Stephen is a self-employed freelance Marketing, Business and Sustainability Consultant having worked across a wide variety of sectors. – Stephen and his family moved to Old Newton at the beginning of January 2018


Greenacres – Complaints have been received regarding cars parking on the grass verge outside Greenacres, it has been confirmed that there appears to be between 6 – 11 free spaces at the rear of Greenacres and Cllrs believe that there is no need for parking on the verge itself.  The District Council have confirmed that they do not own the land.  The land is owned by the housing association who built the properties.  The County Council could claim the initial 3ft for highways.  The Clerk has been asked to write to the housing developer who owns the land to raise the complaint of vehicles parking illegally on the verge.

Footpaths – Our footpaths are and continue to be well used but several people have commented on the number being used by cycles and even on occasion motorcycles.  The Parish Council would like to politely remind parishioners that it is illegal and an offense to use cycles on public footpaths and to kindly not abuse the footpaths by doing so.  The Parish Council are looking at ways to update and publish the footpaths maps.









Karen Hall-Price - Parish Clerk & RFO

Lynwood, Grove Road, Brockdish, Diss, IP21 4JP

Tel: 01379 668798 / 07812 105228

Email: parish.clerk@oldnewtonpc.co.uk