In October 2014 the second contract for delivering broadband across Suffolk was signed between Suffolk County Council and B.T.  This was supposed to be a “mop-up” of the, locally predicted, shortcomings in the first contract.  Survey work for this second contract is underway while BT is still completing delivery of the first contract.  Actual delivery of the second contract is expected to commence in the summer of 2015 – through to March 2018.

We have been advised that, within this contract, there is provision for ten priority communities to be provided with high speed broadband – as well as the other work across the county.  Thanks to our continued persistence, along with Haughley Green,  Old Newton is stated as one of these ten.

Work in the priority areas may start in the summer and should be complete by March 2016.  It is frustrating that this is still a year on from when we were first promised broadband by BT however it is highly likely the eventual delivered line speed will be in excess of the stated original and we will continue to work on bringing the completion date forward.