Community Council

Old Newton and Gipping Community Council.

The Old Newton and Gipping Community Council is a charitable organisation which was formed in the 1960’s. It is registered with the Charity Commission as charity number 1160820. Six individuals, who were elected as trustees, have a responsibility to manage the charity in accordance with its constitution.

The purpose of the Community Council is to enable the provision of recreational facilities and amenities, including interests in social welfare, education and health, within the neighbourhood of Old Newton with Dagworth  and Gipping. The purpose is achieved through the provision of grants and loans to local organisations which provide such facilities and amenities.

Since 1987 in excess of £60,000 has been donated from the Community Council’s funds to village organisations.

Money to fund the grants and loans is raised by two main activities – (i) the promotion of a weekly lottery known as “Little Ernie”/”the Village Lottery” and (ii) the publication of a Village Newsletter known as “The Old Newton and Gipping Crier”.

The cost of entry to the “Little Ernie”/”the Village Lottery” is twenty pence per ticket per week with prizes of £40 (first prize); £20 (second prize) and £10 (third prize) being drawn each week. Anyone wishing to take part in the lottery should contact Suzanne Duncan, the Lottery Organiser, on telephone number 01449 613266, who will make the necessary arrangements.

The Editor of “The Crier” magazine is Annie Stearn who can be contacted on telephone number 01449 771318. The magazine’s Advertising Manager, Louise Harbidge, deals with the inclusion of advertisements in “The Crier” and she can be contacted on telephone number 01449 673469.

The committee of the Community Council is formed from representatives of many of the organisations which operate within the Old Newton and Gipping area. It meets four times per year.

To assist with an application to the Community Council for a grant or loan, an application form has been devised and a copy is attached to this website entry. Completed application forms should be submitted to the Community Council’s Secretary (see contact details below).

This website entry was updated in July 2016 when the Chairman of the Community Council was Sue Arnold, contact telephone number 01449 673307; the Secretary was Felicity Groom, contact telephone number 01449 676988 and the Treasurer was Julia Baldwin, contact telephone number 07766 395779.