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Urgent News for Chapel Road and Brown Street - Old Newton

June 2016

Dear Resident,

At last all of the lobbying and chasing on your behalf is about to produce action.

For years the archaic telephone and internet infrastructure in your area of Old Newton has not been up to 21st century living, a number of promises of upgrades have not delivered what our community urgently needs, As your County Councillor I have taken every opportunity to make sure the powers that be know what this area expects from any future expansion of Broadband.

The County Council has spent millions of pounds making sure that Suffolk has a fit for purpose broadband network, our fears where that given the few numbers of properties in the outlying areas of Old Newton we may up up part of the few areas that would not be covered in the upcoming phase of the County Council Broadband funded upgrades.

I am delighted to report that Chapel Road and Brown Street WILL be part of this years phased works, I have seen the plans, although I have been asked to not publish them. But by September, Chapel Road and Brown Street Old Newton are timetabled to have fibre connections to the new cabinet opposite the Shoulder of Mutton, bringing you from one the most poorly served to one of the best.  Works are also programmed to upgrade Ward Green & Haughley Green shortly after. 

Thank you to everyone who has been very patient throughout this process, and thank you to all the individuals who have kept the ex-wireless people network going in the interim.  Living rurally can present many challenges; Old Newton should shortly have one less obstacle to allow our businesses and home lives to thrive.

If anyone would like to me to call and explain further please get in touch & I am happy to call on you at any time to suit you.

All the best, Andrew Stringer County Councillor 07545 423842 01449 780339



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